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Training Flexible

Key Features

Centralized Data Management

  • Easily Search for or Create Reports
  • Easy reporting for monitoring performance
  • Quickly Identify defiicencies

Software Ready To Customize

  • Tailor PTracker Pro to your operational needs

Interactive Content

  • Easily add animations, video, simulations and other media
  • Import or create quizzes, courses, tests and much more.

Trainer Tools

  • Create, assign and track certifications and checklist tasks.
  • Manage data for all employees including HR, Safety and Supervisor assingments and access levels.
  • View test results, content progress and performance data.
  • Choose from custom or standard reports.

Training On-Time.Anytime.

From new hire or task training to refresher training, PTracker Pro helps you make the most of your most valuable resource, time. From computer based training, to ILT and real world training, PTracker Pro helps you deploy training in multiple locations from any location.

Perfect for any environment. PTracker Pro supports computer based training, ILT and real world training. Truth is, even if field test training or OJT is what you require PTracker Pro can help.

PTracker Pro makes it convenient to import existing training in a variety of formats including SCORM and AICC. With PTracker Pro, you’re free to add multi-media images and videos to enhance your training experience.

Create your own online assessments. Quizzes, task lists and tests are easy to deploy. PTracker Pro helps you build checklists and assign certifications for course completion, permits or other designations. And with offline player capability, you’re ready to complete even the most demanding training requirements.

What PTracker Pro means to you:

  • Reduced overtime costs.
  • Ability to import training meeting SCORM or AICC formats.
  • Advanced reporting and scheduling means no one slips through the cracks.
  • No delays due to compatibility issues with Form 5000-23.
  • Automated grading means no wasted time for instructors or supervisors.
  • Stay ahead of MHSA and OSHA requirements.
  • Ability to enhance a training experience to meet your unique training demands.
  • Checklists for evaluation of understanding or the demonstration of mastery.