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High Compliance Low stress


Generate Custom Reports with any data in PTracker Pro:

  • User information
  • Module data
  • Test questions
  • Assessment Results
  • User time tracking

ProActive Data Generation

  • Certifications pending expiration
  • Gaps in core competencies
  • Marginal checklist results
  • Pending Refresher Training

Powerful Data. Custom Reports.

Keep a close eye on Mandatory Training, Certifications, and Compliance Gaps. This scalable LMS system gives you access to up-to-date records anytime, anywhere.

Now, you can identify qualifications for specific jobs, review regular courses or track worker qualifications quickly and easily. Save time and eliminate costly over-sights.

With PTracker Pro, you can quickly search by employee or goal to evaluate compliance.

PTracker Pro makes it simple for you to quickly:

  • Evaluate the core competencies of individuals and departments.
  • Evaluate job competencies and improve productivity.
  • Identify potential compliance issues and avoid penalties or fines.
  • Proactively distribute training to employees or instructors.
  • Share benchmarks and standards by emailing results instantly.